Meet more Characters in “Paranormal Contact”… Part two

Last time we took a look at some of the characters in my second book. It’s time for you to meet more of them. Starting with Shawn.

Shawn is an old classmate of Jason and Greg’s. They went to the same high school, but is a few years younger. He is very brash and full of bravado. He is the kind of guy that no matter what story you have to tell, he can top it. He is a bit full of himself at time (most times) but in the end, he is a good person. Most of the time.

His best friend is Brad. Brad actually was in Jason and Greg’s class. He is a bit sarcastic at times. He is very loyal to Shawn, even when sometimes he can’t stand his antics. They are pretty much inseparable. I don’t know that there are many scenes that the two characters don’t share together. Both Shawn and Brad are strong believers in the paranormal, having had a unique experience together that can’t be denied.

We will also meet Katie. She works at a bed and breakfast that the characters stay at. She does not believe in the paranormal. She has never experienced anything so she has no reason to believe in it. She has a sarcastic streak in her, which doesn’t always work out well for her job.


What would you like the next installment to be? If you comment or email me at with a suggestion I just might be willing to oblige. If you would like to find out more about the author (namely me!) or order my first book, find out more right here at 


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