Meet the Characters of “Paranormal Contact” Part 1

I am almost on page thirty of my second novel. It’s more of a science fiction book and a complete departure from “Everything Comes Full Circle”.

The only similarities between the two books is it starts off as a bit of a homecoming. The main character is Jason Grant (named after two of the ghost hunters on the SYFY channel). He returns to his hometown on a vacation from his boring life in Virginia. He is one of three characters that believes in the paranormal. (more on the other two at a later date). He is a very loyal man who stands by his friends.

His best friend is Greg. Greg is divorced and the father of a sweet little girl named Holly. His ex-wife is the bane of his existence. He realizes that his life hasn’t turned out the way he wanted it to. So when he hears some of the paranormal stories Jason and other friends tell him, he decides he wants to experience something for himself.

Tanya is an old friend of Jason’s that he used to work with years ago. She is actually the first person he meets up with when he got back in town, completely by accident. Jason stopped for breakfast on his way into town and Tanya happens to be his waitress. Her life is boring and needs some excitement. She also is more of a non believer in anything paranormal. She is even more skeptical than Greg is. She winds up on their journey as well.

Then there is Lisa, Greg’s ex-wife. If you read the first book (and I really hoped that you did!), she is worse than Maura was. But as a writer, she is a lot of fun to write for. She spews things out of her mouth that are just mean spirited, especially when it comes to Jason and Greg. Any chance she gets to attack Greg, she will take. She is more of a secondary character. She appears only a few times, definitely less than the others listed here.


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