The Second Novel is called…

I have mentioned a few weeks ago that I have begun work on my second novel. It’s tentatively called “Paranormal Contact”. Once again it’s based off a screenplay I wrote years ago. This time though I am stick more to the source material with it. It’s a science fiction book with a little comedy and a little romance in the middle.

The premise is simple. Two friends make a little bet. One is trying to prove the existence of aliens, the other to prove the existence of ghosts. Which one will make contact first? So far I am on page 27 of “Paranormal Contact”. I look to be releasing the cover in just a few weeks.

While this book is completely separate from “Everything Comes Full Circle”, it gives me a chance to start my own franchise. I have ideas for at least one of book in the series, but I could easily see it being more than just two books.

In looking to see how to market books a little better, I came across a great article that mentions the importance of release dates. If it’s a horror book, why not release it closer to Halloween? Well, my goal with this book is to put it out by the end of April to May. So my plans are to release the second book in October or November.

I hope that everyone will like this book as much as the first one. i have learned a lot from the reviews I have seen and am incorporating what I have learned.

Feel free to contact me! I’d love to hear from you!


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