The Plans beyond….

Yesterday I said I would have more on my plans beyond “Everything Comes Full Circle”. So here it is. I know that right now it’s all about getting my name out there. So in 2015, I want to write. A lot. I have mentioned that I have started my follow up project which is a stand alone story from the first novel. My plans are to finish writing it by the end of April or close to that date.

I am actually working on two different stories right now. The second one is more of a short story than a novel. I may hold off on releasing it depending on how long it actually is. If it it’s long enough to be released as a short, I will. If it’s not, I may use it as part of a short story anthology.

In my head, I have three ideas for more novels. One would be from the ideas of a friend of mine.

The other two would be a departure for me. Because “Everything Comes Full Circle” and my current project are based off screenplays I have written. The other ideas floating around would be completely original ideas. One a sports comedy. The other more of a historical drama. I am not sure how the sports comedy would work as a book, perhaps that one would be better as a movie. I am not sure. What do you think?


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