So far…

“Everything Comes Full Circle” has been beating my expectations so far. Reviews, for the most part, have been good. And sales have been steady.

I want to thank everyone that has bought the book so far. If you told me a year ago I would be a published author, I’d probably laugh in your face. But it’s true.

I say reviews were good for the most part, because I dealt with my first negative review. The first thing you have to remember when you buy me book (for just .99 cents on Amazon) is that I am a first time writer. So there are going to be mistakes made. I wish there weren’t, but it’s true. I’d go back and fix them if I could. Instead, I have to learn from them as I move forward with my second book.

One of the critiques was something I knew would be an issue, and it’s something I addressed here not long ago. I tend to write more dialogue than anything else. It’s something I am working on for my second novel. More on that in my next blog.

If you were one of the people to buy my book (or are planning too) please leave me a review on either or I read everything that is written. You can also email me or tweet me as well.


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