Today is the day that “Everything Comes Full Circle”..

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. Today is the day that “Everything Comes Full Circle” is released on Amazon for just .99 cents.

I hope that you will like what I have written. It is my first novel as I have mentioned many times. It’s got comedy. It’s got drama. It has a few surprises that I hope that you won’t expect. I just really hope that you will like it. To find out more, check out the link to “Everything Comes Full Circle“.

Sales have been more than I have expected, which is always a good thing! It has definitely gotten me pumped for my second book which is underway as we speak. I will keep you up to date about this one, but it is a complete 360 degree turn from my first.


Readers of this blog may know that a friend of mine and I have created our own independent publishing company called “Two Dudes, Brews and Books‘. We have created a page on Facebook that you are welcome to join as well. We like to help new authors as well. I am not the only one with a new book out on the market. Jack Crosby has released a book under our label called “Death Among Us“. If you like books with demons, language, sex and violence, this book is for you. I just started reading it and I am enjoying it. I think you will too. Check it out!


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