Even More Characters in “Everything Comes Full Circle”

Because this is an ensemble story, there are even more characters to introduce. I do admit that some of them are not as thoroughly fleshed out as others are but I think I have done a good job including them along the way. Not everyone has an individual story line, but I think all of the characters do add to the story.

For example, there is Samantha. She doesn’t have a story line of her own. But she appears in a lot of the scenes, adding the snarky comments. She isn’t mean like Maura is. She is a lot more friendly than Maura is, which really isn’t saying much. She is there to have a good time.

We also have Theresa and Andrea. They are supporting characters who also don’t have their own story lines. But I think they are strong characters as well. Andrea tends to have the sense of humor of the two of them while Theresa is the smarter of the two characters.

Renee and Steve have two daughters. Somehow I have only introduced one of them. Maybe the other is always in the other room with her toys? But Megan has followed in her parents footsteps. She is an actress too. She can be a little over dramatic at times.

There are two characters that are talked about quite frequently. Eddie is the most successful of the group. He has appeared in a few Broadway and off-Broadway shows. Unfortunately with his busy schedule, there is no way he would be able to make it back. And unfortunately for the cast, one of their own was involved in a car accident. Peter was the shy one. He was a little strange, He was truly the outsider of the group, but that never stopped him from his performances. Acting was the only time Peter felt normal.


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