More Characters in “Everything Comes Full Circle”

In yesterday’s blog I talked about the first wave of characters. Namely, the Potters (Renee and Steve), their best friend Dustin, Max, Luke and Lee.

Today we will talk about a few more of the central characters. We will also meet Charlene fairly early into the script. She is actually introduced before the trio of Max, Luke and Lee. In the original material, she was the one who comes up with the idea of reuniting the cast. But I changed that for the novelization of it. She is so inspired from her interactions with Renee growing up that she follows in her footsteps as a teacher and a director. She is usually the voice of reason. Charlene is very soft spoken.

The complete opposite of Charlene is Maura. She is another of the students that has returned for the show. She has a past involving both Max and Luke, similar to that of Lee’s but not entirely. She is an angry and sarcastic person. She seems to be out for herself, but then she has a moment when she realizes not everyone is against her. It opens her eyes and breaks those walls that she has to keep her feelings to herself.

While back for the reunion, Maura stays in a hotel room with Heather. These two couldn’t be any more different if they tried. Heather is quiet and reserved while Maura is up in your face. Heather was hoping to see her best friend from high school, Eddie. But Eddie was unable to make it. (More on Eddie in a future update). Heather is the type of person to believe the best in a person, no matter the circumstances.

There is also George. He is the moral back bone of the group. He also believes in people and shows it a little more than Heather does. His best friend is Val, who is shy and down on his luck. Most of the time he is able to hide that, but sometimes his doom and gloom comes shining through. George and Val are sharing a hotel room as well.

Val had a crush on Alyson when they were in school. She was a freshman when he was a senior. They were friends then, but due to his shyness he was never able to do anything about it. Alyson is a free spirit who has grown up a lot since her days in high school.  She felt like an outsider at first, but is learning that she was only an outsider because she didn’t make the effort. She looked up to older people in drama club with her freshman year. Alyson is staying with Lee in the hotel.

Hope this helps you want to meet the characters more in depth. Tomorrow we will talk about a few more of the characters from “Everything Comes Full Circle”


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