Characters in “Everything Comes Full Circle”

Because this is an ensemble story, I don’t know that there are any characters that I would describe as the main characters. There are a few that help drive the story, but ultimately it’s not about one or two characters. So I thought I would use this space to talk a little bit about the characters in “Everything Comes Full Circle”

The first characters we really meet are Renee and Steve Potter. Renee is a teacher in a small town in New England. She is also the drama director. She has been teaching there for many years and has had a wonderful time with her students. Steve is her husband, who also helps run the shows by designing sets and being her assistant director. Steve is a lot more goofier then Renee, but that is one of the things she loves about him. Steve’s best friend is Dustin, who is just as involved in the set design as he is.

What makes their town unique is they didn’t have an auditorium in the town. All the shows are put on in the small gym of the high school. It makes it harder on Steve and Dustin, since not only do they have to build the sets, but they must also build the stage, hang the lights and the microphones too.

Mayor Cindy North and the town council attempt a bill to build an auditorium for the town. So after the bill is passed to build one, the three set off in thinking of a way to open the new auditorium. Dustin comes up with a bit of a crazy idea. What if they reunite the cast of the most successful shows in the town’s history. It’s going to take some work to reunite everyone, but once they all agree to do it, there is no way Steve and Renee can say no!

Among those returning include Max. Of all those that return he is the most changed. He used to be in a rock band with Luke. Max used to have long hair. Now, Max is a record executive. He gave up the dream of being a musician, but he knows what the dream is like so he is looking for those that have the dream. Luke, on the other hand, hasn’t given up the dream just yet. He knows he can make it, he is just looking for a break. Luke uses sarcasm as a way of letting his feelings known, sometimes even in the most inappropriate ways.

Max and Luke have something else in common, they were both in love with Lee. They both dated her at one point in high school. And they both have their sights set on her again. Lee, on the other hand, isn’t sure which way to go. She is caring and sweet. She doesn’t want to hurt either Max or Luke, but she knows chances are she will.

Look for more characters in the next few days!


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