Everything Comes Full Circle Overview.

Let me tell you about my first novel. It’s called “Everything Comes Full Circle”.

It’s an ensemble story about a small town in New England. After years of not having an auditorium in the town, they finally get one. And no one stands to benefit from it more than the local drama department.

Renee Potter is the teacher of the school as well as the drama director. She works with her husband, who is the co-director. He also builds sets with his best friend Dustin.

Dustin comes up with the idea to reunite the cast from the most successful show in the history of the theater department to open the new theater.

One by one the cast arrives and begins to rehearse together. Even though it’s been ten years since they performed the show together, they pick it right up. But that’s not the only thing that picks up. Feelings from the past are stirred up as well, both in a good way and a bad way.

I have two tag lines that I am considering for the book. One is “They are back to put the drama back in drama club”. The other is “Some people change. Some relationships never do”. The second one seems to be more popular one, so I may go with it.

The novel is based off a screenplay I wrote back in 2008 called “Full Circle”. However, many things will change between the screenplay and the novel. Some of the characters will be much different from the original source material. It has to do with me evolving as a writer, plus my current mood. Scenes may be taken verbatim from the screenplay, but many have been changed drastically as well. Including new scenes all together or scenes being moved all around. It is helping with the flow of the novel.

In the next edition we will get more into the characters and the relationships.


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